Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Interesting Stuff and Apologies

First off, the apologies. I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. I've had a lot of work on which also meant I hadn't watched/sent back any discs, so you haven't missed much.

I've still been keeping track of a few things in the meantime and I've noticed some interesting things.

1) Reserved items
You may recall a thing about reserving items that haven't been released yet that will automatically be put on your rental list. Well one of my reserved titles was released last week, and it was put on my rental list automatically. However, with a reserved item, you'd expect it to be put on high priority automatically. This wasn't the case. It was put on medium priority (the default for all new rentals). This was rather annoying, but I changed it immediately to high priority anyways.

Take this next part with a pinch of salt because it might just be coincidence.

2) Recently Added Items Come First?
Yesterday, I added a film that was recommended to me by Lovefilm: "Last Life in the Universe" - a Japanese drama/thriller. I added it and also sent back my two discs. They arrived at Lovefilm HQ today, and they put "Last Life..." as my next dispatch, the day after selecting it. This happened before with the Cardcaptors incident (it was the day after selecting it).

Truth or coincidence? YOU DECIDE!!!

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