Friday, 1 May 2009

Deliveries Slowing Down

Over the past few rentals, I've noticed a slowdown of deliveries. At first, the way things happened went like this:

Monday: Send back rental(s)
Tuesday: LoveFilm receive rental(s), choose new one(s), post new one(s).
Wednesday: I receive it/them in the post.

However, things seem to be slowing down a bit. These days, it's more like this:

Monday: Send back rental(s)
Tuesday: Lovefilm get rental(s), choose new, send new one(s) out
Wednesday: ?????????????
Thursday: Receive rental(s)

And a few times, it was like this:

Monday: send back rental(s)
Tuesday: lovefilm receive new rentals......
Wednesday: lovefilm chooses new rentals, posts them
Thursday: ?????
Friday: Disc(s) received.

I'm not sure if it's Royal Mail or LoveFilm, but it's possible that they're throttling my rentals. I'll keep you posted about the post in the next post.

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