Thursday, 28 May 2009

RE: Different Envelopes

Just a quick post in regards to the new envelopes LoveFilm started using. After the two I got on the 15th May, I've been receiving the old envelopes again, though most have the new grey/silver colour scheme of the new envelopes. It's probable that they're trying to clear out the stock of the old envelopes first.

In other news, apologies for the lack of updates. I was on holiday for a few days and I've also been revising for some exams I have coming up over the next few weeks. I still find time to watch some things from LoveFilm. I'll probably add games to my package once I finish the exams and am working full time.

From now on, I'll include a quick "What I've got from LoveFilm" section at the end of each post, just so you can get an idea of what's available. I'll also note the list they came from; i.e. anime, non-anime or a third list if I'm following a series (like Eureka Seven) which I want to receive in order but the discs are listed separately. You'll get the idea ^_^

Current Rentals:
Fawlty Towers Series 1 - Non Anime
Perfect Blue - Anime

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Once again...

LoveFilm have, once again, delayed one item from coming out. I've finished Eureka Seven so I now have an "anime" list and a "non-anime" list. Yesterday, they said they were sending me "Legend of the Overfiend" (an awful film by the way) from my "anime" list.....and that's it. The other was on "awaiting dispatch". Overfiend arrived today, but only this evening was my non-anime title (Faulty Towers - series 1 - disc 1) sent (so, in theory, should arrive tomorrow).

I'm tempted to e-mail them to ask about this, but I get the feeling I'll get a vague reply along the lines of "we aim to fulfil all customers items the day we receive them blah blah blah...". Yet this could be the "throttling" that I've been hearing about, where LoveFilm use means to slow down the receive/replace/send process for heavy users. It could be a more logical reason like they had an influx of returns and didn't get to me, but who knows...

Friday, 15 May 2009

RE: Different Envelopes

This morning, I logged onto the LoveFilm website and found a link at the top of my "disc selection" page with details on how to use the new envelope style. The page is entitled:
"Different Envelopes: How to use them" (click to see the page).

The arrows make things a lot simpler to understand, though I think they should make the crease alongside the advert a perforated edge as ripping crease tends to rip other parts more than a perforated edge.

Friday, 8 May 2009

A NEW Envelope!

LoveFilm have re-designed their envelopes, and are now much easier to open and send back. As always, I have plenty of pictures to demonstrate (though they're now links to images in order to save space).

First of all, the size. The new one is about half a centimetre bigger than the old one. You can just about see it on this photo.

The big new thing is the method of opening. Before, if you recall, you open them by tearing along a perforated edge. This doesn't always work. Now, there's a tear strip you peel off. Here is before tearing and here it is during tearing (yes that is my thumb).

What I didn't take a photo of is the way the advert folds out, though it's almost identical to the old method. What is new, is that the advert is torn off along a crease which is NOT perforated. Though this doesn't really matter due to the new way of sealing the envelope.

The old envelope was sealed by folding over a tiny strip which had glue on. I always felt that it never really worked well. Now, however, they use a more envelope like approach in terms of shape. This is the new shape of the return part of the envelope. Here is the direction it folds in note that the new envelope is sealed on the non-Address side, unlike the old one.

Finally, the bit that says you can return X in 1 envelope (X being whatever lovefilm feels like I think) is now located with the "faulty?" box on the front of the return envelope. See this image for a close up.

Yesterday, I reported that LoveFilm had got confused again with the sending of my next Eureka Seven volume, well that got dispatched today, so I will hopefully get that tomorrow ready for the weekend.

As always, I shall keep you posted on all things LoveFilm related. Incidentally, take a look at their "exclusive" clip of Coraline here. That's another film I need to go out and watch!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Once Again....

Once again, LoveFilm have sent ONE of my next rentals, while leaving the other on "awaiting dispatch" as seen below:

I currently have one disc assigned to my "Non-anime" list and one disc assigned to my "Eureka Seven" list, which has JUST the next volume of Eureka Seven I want to rent. This had happened once before, and it took them a few days to realise and then send the disc off. Before that, however, when they couldn't send me the next volume of Eureka Seven, they sent me a disc from one of my other lists (i.e. my anime list).

I don't know. But anyways, LoveFilm have officially taken my money away from me now. My trial has ended, and I'm now a fully paying customer. Only thing is, I have a really bad feeling I didn't have enough in my account and I could now be overdrawn. I hope this hasn't happened, because I'll be in a LOT of trouble. Fingers crossed eh?

Friday, 1 May 2009

Deliveries Slowing Down

Over the past few rentals, I've noticed a slowdown of deliveries. At first, the way things happened went like this:

Monday: Send back rental(s)
Tuesday: LoveFilm receive rental(s), choose new one(s), post new one(s).
Wednesday: I receive it/them in the post.

However, things seem to be slowing down a bit. These days, it's more like this:

Monday: Send back rental(s)
Tuesday: Lovefilm get rental(s), choose new, send new one(s) out
Wednesday: ?????????????
Thursday: Receive rental(s)

And a few times, it was like this:

Monday: send back rental(s)
Tuesday: lovefilm receive new rentals......
Wednesday: lovefilm chooses new rentals, posts them
Thursday: ?????
Friday: Disc(s) received.

I'm not sure if it's Royal Mail or LoveFilm, but it's possible that they're throttling my rentals. I'll keep you posted about the post in the next post.