Thursday, 7 May 2009

Once Again....

Once again, LoveFilm have sent ONE of my next rentals, while leaving the other on "awaiting dispatch" as seen below:

I currently have one disc assigned to my "Non-anime" list and one disc assigned to my "Eureka Seven" list, which has JUST the next volume of Eureka Seven I want to rent. This had happened once before, and it took them a few days to realise and then send the disc off. Before that, however, when they couldn't send me the next volume of Eureka Seven, they sent me a disc from one of my other lists (i.e. my anime list).

I don't know. But anyways, LoveFilm have officially taken my money away from me now. My trial has ended, and I'm now a fully paying customer. Only thing is, I have a really bad feeling I didn't have enough in my account and I could now be overdrawn. I hope this hasn't happened, because I'll be in a LOT of trouble. Fingers crossed eh?

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