Friday, 26 June 2009

Remember Film Extra?

I just got an e-mail from LoveFilm. Basically, they gave me a free Film Extra rental because I'd rated "The Da Vinci Code" on blu-ray (incidentally, I gave it 1.5 stars. I didn't really like it.)

The e-mail went like this:

Hello Peter,

Thank you for rating Da Vinci Code, The - BLU-RAY Version. We know it is disappointing when a film is a bit of a turkey so to thank you for taking the time and contributing to the LOVEFILM community we want to give you an extra rental - absolutely free.

Redeem your free rental by clicking on the 'Use a credit now' button on your Rental List. That's it - no hassle and no strings - just a free rental on us.

Happy viewing,
from the LOVEFiLM team

It's such a random and bizarre reason to give a free rental, but I'm not gonna complain of course. I finally sent back Super Mario Galaxy this morning too, along with the final Death Note disc. So, combined with my Film Extra (assuming they all get sent out at the same time), I should be getting 3 discs pretty soon.

Currently Watching: The fansubs of the new Suzumiya Haruhi episodes just released in Japan. I recomment renting/buying the first series on DVD (licensed by Beez Entertainment). The second season is weird how they've got episodes ordered, but still awesome.

Currently Playing: Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories (Nintendo and Cing game for Wii). I played the previous game on the DS and loved it, although a little short. I've been looking forward to this coming out for a long time, and it was released today (I made sure to get to the Gamestation store pretty soon after it opened this morning to get it). It's very stylish and really draws you in....I'm stuck at the moment, so I'm giving it a rest for a bit to let my mind recover ^_^

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