Monday, 22 June 2009

Something's Up

I've noticed something odd. LoveFilm seem to be taking longer than usual at sending me things than before. There's a day (or two!) where I have to wait with just "awaiting dispatch" and no title listed. Then it seems to take 2 days for titles to arrive now instead of the next day thing they had going when I started. Maybe it's because they have me hooked as a customer now and not on a free trial where they're trying to impress me. Either way I'm starting to get concerned. The thing is though, I can't call them up and go "oi! Why are you taking so long to send things?" cos I'll just get a generic answer like "we aim to dispatch titles within 2 working days [blah blah blah] after dispatch it's up to Royal Mail [etc]". There's nothing I really can do.

Blockbuster already have a rival to LoveFilm. So here's a business proposition for Blockbuster/other retail rental stores: Use your rental stores as local distribution warehouses. BUT allow people to come into stores, show their card to say that they are a member, and allow them to check out a rental as part of their package, and maybe additional ones for an extra fee. This would combine the cheap, monthly payment of LoveFilm, but also the browsing of being there (like retail stores).

Something for you to consider there.

You may have noticed the addition of adverts on the site. These are there so I can attempt to earn a bit of money to keep paying for LoveFilm (I'm just about managing at the moment). If you have any complaints about them being there, use NoScript. Otherwise, keep quiet and click on them if they appeal to you.

Currently NOT playing - Super Mario Galaxy (promised to keep to let a friend play, but I've completed it and it's just sitting there at the moment)
Currently waiting for since 18th June - Death Note - Vol.5 - Disc 2 (should arrive tomorrow, otherwise I will rage)

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