Monday, 29 June 2009

Lieben Filme

Guten tag! Ich bin Peter und ich lieben filme.

Sorry, I went all German there for a moment. I received Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS this German. Seriously, I received the title, played it and found it in German. After checking the reviews of the game on the website, I found everyone else had the same issue. It's likely they didn't tell LoveFilm about the issue, so I DID! They're expecting it back off me soon (I missed the last post today, so I shall post it tomorrow) and I'll let you know what they're planning to do about it. On the topic of faulty goods, when you report an item you have as faulty, you have the option of having either another copy sent to you ASAP, or shipping another item off instead. I chose the former as I'd rather like a go of this game.

You may remember here that my friend rented a Nintendo DS game from LoveFilm and he received the game simply put into a standard disc holder. It seems that LoveFilm have realised that this isn't such a good idea and are now sending DS games in their own special style of case. As always, I have pics. Though This time, I will link to the pics instead of hosting on the blog.

From the front

From the Side

You can't see it on the pic clearly, but the join between the outside sleeve and the DS bit has ripped quite a bit. Maybe a re-design needed? Answers on a postcard please.

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  1. dude, thanks for this blog. Ive been a subscriber to lovefilm for a while now. but it is the first time i have rented a ds game.

    do lovefilm tend to send ds games with dvds, or do they send them separately?