Friday, 12 June 2009


I've officially changed to the "Unlimited 2 with games" package. That means I'll be able to have two discs/UMDs/cartridges/mix at home at any one time and now includes games.

Swapping package was easy. They listed all the packages they offered in a handy list with the prices. You choose the one you want, hit next and then you're faced with a screen that states which package you're changing too and the top up charge. This top up charge is the difference between your package and the new package and is charged immediately for the rest of the month (so best do it just after your latest bill). I had a £1.70 top-up charge from Unlimited 2 (no games) to unlimited 2 (with games). I can't afford any of the Unlimited 3 packages at the moment.

I've also had my first game out already ("Super Mario Galaxy" - Nintendo Wii game) and, since it's a standard disc, it comes in their standard sleeve. As you may remember, Nintendo DS games come in the sleeves as well (even though they're a tiny cartridge. I've got a PSP game on the way too (Me and My Katamari), which is significantly thicker than a DVD, so I'll be interested to see how they package it. I shall report once it arrives.

Currently Watching - Battle Vixens (it's not that good) (anime list)
Currently Playing - Super Mario Galaxy - Nintendo Wii(not that bad actually) (games list)

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