Saturday, 13 June 2009

UMD Cases

I wasn't expecting this! It turns out that LoveFilm have specialised cases for PSP titles. It's a plastic case with a fold open flap that holds the UMD in place. As always, have some piccies:

This first pic shows the case closed with the information.

This next pic shows the sleeve open with the PSP game in the centre.

One thing to note is that the casing for the disc is not the original. It's a replacement one with the address "" on it. I'm not sure whether a customer did it or LoveFilm themselves did it, but the silver sticker on the centre suggests that it was LoveFilm (as a customer probably wouldn't go to the trouble of making the label for it). It also suggests that the casing broke at some point and LoveFilm had to replace it. It shows that they do care ^_^

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  1. What's with the toilet roll on your bed?

  2. The silver label its called caddy label and its got a bar code to scan in system. Geme is geniue but for rental purposers its been removed from oryginal case.