Friday, 13 March 2009


I received another disc today (their postage is really fast) and I encountered my very first problem: The disc would not play.

After about 2 minutes (ish) of whirring and clicking (gulp) my blu-ray player informed me that I could not play the disc. I took a look at the disc and saw thick scratches on the inside ring of the disc along with smaller scratches at various points on the disc. As any normal person would do, I tried it in another of my DVD players. It looked like it was about to work as it went "loading..." then a black screen appeared...then it turned itself off -_- I hate that DVD player by the way.

So I followed the instructions on the envelope and went to the "report a problem" section on the lovefilm website. I can easily say it was the easiest returns process I've ever done. The steps went like this:

1) Click "report a problem" on the rental list page.
2) Select "Broken or not playing disc" (or whatever the problem is)
3) Select the title in question (this was a little confusing as clicking the title take you to the item's page on lovefilm. you have to select the option button on the far right)
4) Hit continue
5) Select whether you want another copy of the title, or if you just want your next rental instead (fyi, I selected "next rental" because, after lovefilm had dispatched it, I watched it round a friend's house and it wasn't very good)
6) Add any comments on the issue
7) Hit finish.
8) Post title back as normal. (This also confused me. I wasn't sure whether I tick the "faulty" box on the envelope AS WELL as reporting the problem, whether it was one or another or if it didn't matter. I ticked the box as it'll get to where it's supposed to go either way probably.

And that's it. Very simple process. Just tick the right boxes and post the disc back. I got a reply about five minutes after this saying:
"We do regularly check and clean all of our DVDs and any damaged discs are withdrawn from circulation immediately and replaced with new stock.

We have added an extra dispatch to your account as compensation and it will be sent to you as soon as possible. Please note that the bonus rental will not reflect on your account as it is processed manually."

Which is pretty cool. This means I'll either receive an extra disc tomorrow or Monday, and by the sounds of it, this rental has the same rules as a film extra rental. I shall report back of course. Now for some a picture...

This shows roughly where the major scratches were (though not as gigantic as my 5 minutes in Paintbrush). This is not my original disc as that was immediately sent away (as there was about 5 minutes till the last post).

That's it for today. Laters y'all!

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