Friday, 6 March 2009

First Titles Received

I got both discs of Death Note volume 3 today. They come in a rather confusing envelope. To open, you remove the front panel by tearing along a perforated edge (which isn't well made as it ripped quite a bit when opening. You have to be really careful.

You can then take out the DVD in a small plastic sleeve with the DVD's details on. According to instructions on the back of this sleeve, you have to be careful to put exactly the right dvd in the sleeve (which is especially important for multi-dvd sets). Also, the sleeve is coated in a material to help protect the disc.

Once I managed to fight my way through the somewhat complicated envelope, I found the DVDs in a very good condition (which I found surprising).

After watching, I put the dvd back in the envolope (it says that you can put two in one envelope if you wish) and there's this peel off thing that lets you seal the envolope. At first, I thought it wasn't much, but trying to re-open it proved very difficult.

The envolopes are delivered to you first class and the envolopes to send back are also 1st class (so no evil extra charges there).

Also in the envolope is a small advert for Thorntons chocolate and the back of the bit you tear off with your address on has a "recommend a friend" deal on which gives you 30 days free if you get someone to sign up to Lovefilm with your code. They also get 30 days trial instead of the normal 14 days (if you're interested, leave me a comment).

These titles arrived the day after they were dispatched (site said dispatched 5th, arrived 6th). The only issue I had was the slightly confusing envolope and the fact that the "open here bit teared somewhat.

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