Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Today's Deliveries

I was kinda expecting my delivery yesterday, but they arrived today. All four discs.

Remember how I mentioned that my friend got two discs in one envelope, well I got two envelopes with two discs in each, though with a little bit extra...

Inside one of the envelopes was one of these. On the back it reads "Spare return envelope, you may return up to 3 discs in the same envelope".

So that was rather nice of them to give me an extra envelope. Though I usually return them one at a time as I finish with them to ensure I get titles asap, since I have a few extra this time, I'll probably put a few in the same envelope.

Now then, I got my first blu-ray from Lovefilm today. Apart from the fact that the disc is really really shiny, it has a little "blu-ray" logo on the sleeve it came in which is odd, but fair enough. Probably to differentiate the discs at the distribution plant.

Once again, im completely stumped as to what the difference between the envelopes is. The small spare envelope says up to 3 discs, but the larger lovefilm envelopes say 2 unless they have advertising (like the Street Fighter envelope) then it says varies.

Anyways, everything seems ok. I'll go back to enjoying my 4 discs XD

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