Thursday, 12 March 2009

More on Film Extra

As you may remember before, I got a film extra. Now I wasn't entirely sure which title was a film extra one. I found out that it was likely one of the two bad films I got previously (fyi, I'm not mentioning titles because I don't want anyone to rage at me for saying they're bad). So, I currently have Snuff Box out, and I've got another title coming soon. I've requested another film extra, but according to love film, it will "go out with [my] next dispatch" which sounds like it'll only be sent when I send something else back (so they'll send me at least 2 discs) but I don't know. This time, I'll be sure to note down what I have out and try to work out which title is my film extra title and work out how it works.

Staying on the topic of film extra, I was asked how love film select which title to send for the film extra. It's a good question, and I'm not entirely sure of the answer. I think I read somewhere on the site that the rental list selected when you click the "use film extra" button is what the disc is selected from. This probably means that the usual priority rules apply. However, I think I read that, in order to be sure of what list the film extra is selected from, you have to leave the list you want it from selected until the selected disc appears at the top. I'm not sure about this one, so don't quote me.

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