Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Unpacking a DVD

As promised, here is a detailed unpacking of a generic Lovefilm DVD.

Here is the standard envelope as you receive it.

And the back:

The white bit at the bottom has what seems to be a serial number, but also "Picked by XXXXXX" which lists the name of who packed it (it's not a machine as I thought). I've had several by a guy called Dominic it would seem.

Next you tear along the edge where it says "OPEN HERE" and you end up with something similar to this.

The "Rate it or Slate it" thing is promoting their title rating thing their website has (I mentioned this on earlier posts). The other DVD I got today had a promotion for getting 30 days free if I recommend another person to Lovefilm, as well as an advertisement for emusic, as seen in this next image.

Now here's something important.

On the envelope, you can tick a "Faulty" box in the event of a problem with the disc (only put the faulty disc in when sending). However, as you may remember from my faulty disc post a little while back, when reporting a problem on the website (as the envelope recommends doing first) it doesn't say whether you should tick the box as well as reporting on the website, or whether it's one or another.

Now then, on with unpacking. When you take off the Lovefilm promotion, you can take out the DVD in the sleeve which, in this DVD's case, had a label on describing what's on the disc (though my other DVD, Eureka Seven Volume 2, did not have a label).

On the back of the sleeve is a message asking people to look after the discs which is a good thing as the last thing you need is a broken disc, and it says in the terms and conditions that if you break or lose a disc, you will pay £10 per DVD, £17.50 per Blu-ray or HD DVD disc and £25 per game (correct as of 24th March 2009 in their T&Cs).
It also recommends giving the DVDs a wipe with a cloth in case it doesn't play. It also mentions a special material called "Tyvek" that the sleeve is lined with "to better protect your disc".

Also, as I've explained before, it asks for the disc to be returned in the right wallet.

While this DOES matter when there's a label on the sleeve, I don't quite see why it would matter when there isn't one.

That's all there is to it really. When returning the disc, you simply peel off the film over the glue, and then fold over the remaining part.

And now for my usual confusion with hoe many discs can be returned in an envelope.

Standard Lovefilm Envelope:

Spare Envelope (received with my previous lot):

And that's it. I'm off to watch Look Around You and Eureka Seven.

See ya!!!

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