Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A couple of things

Well, I sent back the death note discs OK. They arrived the next day and were replaced by the next two titles (which, incidentally, were rubbish. So I'm sending them back tomorrow morning).

Film Extra

Here's something interesting. Every now and again, you may come across something on LoveFilm offering you a "free rental". Now usually, people take up the unlimited package so on first glance, these people may thing "pah, must be for pay as you go users". WOAH THERE! You couldn't be more wrong.

A "Film Extra" rental is an additional rental on top of your current rentals allowing you an extra disc at home. Let me explain...

I have signed up to LoveFilm on the Unlimited-2 plan. That's supposedly unlimited rentals every month and I'm allowed two discs at home at any one time. Then I come across a competition to win a Nokia something-or-other, but also a free rental just for entering. I go "meh, what's the worst that could happen" and enter. After this, I go over to my rental list and see this:

FiLMExtra logo

You have 1 credit remaining

Next to this is usually a button that says "use FilmExtra" or something similar. On clicking this you're promped if you definately want it or not. If you press yes, the rental page will update with "Titles at home (X at home and 1 Film Extra rental requested)". This means it's pending. The next day (usually) they'll have processed it and send a title from your list out with the next delivery. If you have titles at home already, the Film Extra title will be a bonus title you can have out at the same time. So you'll have 3 discs at home at the same time if you have two at home at no extra cost. This rental also doesn't have any late fees like all other love film rentals. Now when it comes to returning titles after getting one, I'm not sure how it works. Either a specific title is assigned as "film extra" and you have all your remaining discs with this one on the side, or you get reverted when you return the next disc (no matter what it is). I shall report back on this one.

A word of warning though. You can only have ONE Film Extra title out at any one time. So stockpiling a load and using them all at once won't work.

So Film Extras are awesome. However, it seems to be rather rare to come across them. I managed to get two as I entered pretty sharpish into the Nokia something competition. But I also got an e-mail from LoveFilm saying:

"We’re so sure that spending a few minutes choosing films is worth doing, we have sent you a FREE rental to use within your trial period.

No forms to fill in, no boxes to tick. Just go to your rental list to redeem your FREE rental today."

And that was another Film Extra in the bank. I can't use this one just yet until my two crappy films are returned. When this happens I shall report on how returning titles after getting a film extra affect how many discs you have (as mentioned above).

Envolope Advertising

When I received my films this morning I didn't get the usual LoveFilm red envolope. Instead, I got a black and yellow advert laiden envelope for "Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X". Here's a pic (no pics of the standard envelope I'm afraid.

Here's something strange though. The standard LoveFilm branded envelope says you can return up to TWO discs in the envelope. The hawx branded one says it accepts up to THREE discs. Some envelopes I saw on the internet says it allows up to FOUR. Both the red and the hawx envelope seem more or less the same to be honest so I don't see what the difference is, but I'm not gonna argue with the envelope and risk getting told off by Lovefilm.


I signed up to LoveFilm after a recommendation by Peter. I signed up to the Unlimited-2-Games package which means I can get games as well as films. I got my first two discs today (one game and one film), but the strange thing was that they sent both discs in the same envelope which means that I have to send back both at the same time or make my own envelope and use the address on the website.

Peter back. This is a good point actually. If you lose an envelope or rip it accidentally, you can send the disc back using the address given. It's a freepost address too so it won't cost any stamps, though I think it's 2nd class when sent by the freepost address and not the lovefilm envelope.

Aaaand that's it for today. I shall keep you posted about the film extra thing (their explaination on their site isn't really that good). I shall see you in a couple of days.

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  1. Hi Peter (and guest)

    Having just started reading your blog, I wanted first of all to say welcome aboard, personally - I work for LOVEFiLM in the user experience team.

    It’s fantastic to see you writing about your experience, and great for us to be able to read what's working for you and what isn't, so far.

    We may not always have the time to respond to individual queries that people post (we will try) but we try very hard to read them all and feed that back into our improvement process, so keep the posts coming!

    Regarding spare envelopes, if you run out of them, you can request more using the link on the left hand side of the rental list and we'll post more out to you straight away.

    (Over on twitter at @LOVEFiLMLucy)